Preformed Windings can specifically design and manufacture replacement coils in the tight time-scales required to get customer’s motors and generators running again.

Working from diagrams or customer provided samples, we create both standard and bespoke windings with fast turnaround times.

We also pride ourselves on our unparalleled customer service and our fully traceable exportation process. To find out more about our full range of services visit the pages below.


Preformed Windings are able to offer full design and re-design capabilities for motors and generators. Crucially the more information that a customer can supply to us from the outset the easier the process becomes.

Typically we would require details such as nameplate data, key product dimensions, slot dimensions, coil data, winding connection, pole dimensions, field winding and damper winding. Obviously all of this information is not always readily available, but we endeavour to work with the information provided.

Please contact our technical department if you wish to discuss the service further.

Manufacturing Capabilities

Thanks to our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, we can also provide bespoke replacement windings for a wide variety of coils. For Diamond Coils, we can provide replacement windings for 400-16,000 volt motors and generators; for Armature Coils up to 3,000 volts; and for Concentric Coils from 400-16,000 volts.

Bespoke and standard designs can be ordered with a choice of insulation systems. Insulation types include hot resin rich, un-pressed resin rich and VPI, and our wide selection of specialist materials ranges from Mica/Film to Enamel/Dacron.

The quality and accuracy of our manufacture ensures that we perform to the most demanding of standards. The finished components are manufactured to ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, BS EN 50209:1999 and ESI 44-5 standards, as well as to individual customer specification.  

Export Services

We produce a variety of coils for end users, repairers and OEMs around the world and can offer consistently high levels of support in terms of product tracking, reporting and delivery. We produce coils for a range of AC and DC applications, including traction motors and high voltage motors and generators, and can deliver them anywhere in the world with short lead times. 

Customer Support

Preformed Windings provides an unparalleled service to motor and generator manufacturers and repair facilities worldwide. We have a round-the-clock support team in place to ensure that our customers receive the highest levels of service 365 days a year. We track orders through each stage of the design and production processes and keep detailed records of previous orders, allowing us to deliver solutions on time and to the precise standards required. We also stock materials for all eventualities, so we are always ready and prepared to produce coils for any requirements.  

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